Provision and Distribution Process of the COVID-19 Vaccine

The Vaccine/Antiserum Logistics Unit of the Department of Vaccine and Preventable Diseases of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Republic of Turkey carries out the logistical management of cold chain materials such as vaccine, antiserum, syringes, and carrying container used in preventive health services in Turkey.

All vaccines purchased are meticulously analyzed and evaluated for safety by the Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TİTCK, Türkiye İlaç ve Tıbbi Cihaz Kurumu) of the Ministry of Health. Only vaccines meeting the TİTCK safety criteria are cleared for use by citizens. This stringent process also applies to COVID-19 vaccines.

After approval, vaccines are distributed to each healthcare facility under the control of the Vaccine Tracking System (VTS). VTS is a domestically-developed system, which codes each dose, and tracks in real-time dose stock levels and temperatures accordingly. VTS thus prevents cold chain disruptions, monitors and tracks the vaccine, and quantifies which vaccine gets applied to which individual by which healthcare professional. This monitoring system categorically precludes the use of expired vaccines, and allows for the monitoring and the immediate treatment of possible side effects. VTS monitors in real-time (24/7 live) both the temperature and the stock levels of each dose of the vaccine and antiserum in all logistical stations from warehouses, distribution vehicles, and refrigerator cabinets to the healthcare personnel administering to designated persons. It is an evidence-based cold chain quality system that warns and guides the user.